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The Truth About Crystals & Gemstones

Anyone who has been around the spiritual new age community will inevitably come across crystals and gemstones. In this post we are going to cover what you need to know about crystals, what they really do, the many things they don’t do, cover some examples of how they are used in powerful ways, and crystals that are not actually crystals.

What crystals and gemstones do not do:

There are thousands of sources making extraordinary claims of the power of crystals. Some examples include- Azurite awakens your psychic abilities, Rose Quartz heals the heart chakra, Amethyst relieves stress, Onyx blocks negative energy, Clear Quartz amplifies energy etc etc. Do crystals really have all these innate powers? The short answer is “No” but the long answer is more complicated.

What crystals actually do:  

Crystals only really have 2 innate abilities. The first is that they can channel energy. The second is that they store energy and energetic programming. So crystals do not have the innate ability to heal, or awaken your psychic abilities, or block negative energy… however, someone who knows how to work with energy and has the skills and abilities for it, can empower a crystal to do certain things… but if you buy a random crystal expecting it to do more than it is programmed to do, then you are wasting your money. Keep in mind with this however, is that someone who is skilled with energy work can empower a stone, a piece of wood, metal, a piece of paper or even a fridge for that matter to do the same thing. In fact, I know someone who finds that working with wood is better for them. Crystals just happen to be easy to work with for this purpose for most people (and they also look prettier). Not to mention that water is also great at storing energetic programming.     

The important thing to know is that crystals do not have power of their own, their power only comes from you and what YOU provide.

Examples of how crystals can be used:

If a crystal is rarer or more expensive, it does not mean that it is more powerful. In fact the most potent crystals I have come across are the most basic including types of quartz, agate and the like, but again not because those crystals have some inherent potential, but simply because my energy works well with them. So the potential of a crystal simply comes down to how well your energy resonates with it and also the purpose that you intend to use it for, that is what are you going to program it to do.
When I visited the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, out of all the amazing things I saw there, the one thing that struck me the most was the funeral necklace of the emperor. The reason being that when I approached it, I was bombarded with its energy and I had flashes of the funeral processions and rituals that were done. Keep in mind that the necklace itself was mostly made of agate, and a bit of jade, and there is nothing particularly special about these stones that make them inherently powerful. However, the monks/priests of ancient China conducted funeral rituals that went on for several days and nights, and in the process imbued the necklace with so much energy that over a thousand years later, it can still be felt. This is the point that I need to really stress, that the power of the crystals does not come from the crystals themselves, but from the energy and intention that was imbued into them. Again also, that this can be done with other materials such as wood, metal, etc.   

Cleansing Crystals:

Due to their nature to absorb energy and intention, it means that if you do not imbue the crystal with a particular energy and intention, they are just going to absorb energy from yourself or around you, and that will become the intention that they carry. Which is why if you do have crystals that you wear that you have not imbued with a specific energy or intention, then you need to cleanse them and then focus your energy and intention into them. If you do not know how to do this, then I strongly suggest you ask someone who does to do it for you, and you can use what you learned in this post to check whether that person authentically knows the truth about crystals.

Extra things to know:

What if you could take a piece of coloured glass, market it as the most powerful crystal, and then sell it for a really high marked up price and make huge profits? Well that is exactly what happened with Moldavite, which is not even a crystal or a mineral, it is in fact glass rock that formed from the heat of a meteor that hit the earth and creating glass from the silica in the Earth, the green colour being given from presence of iron and other things that got mixed in. Its popularity has led to an influx of fakes made from green glass since the 1800s, and today you are far more likely to find fake Moldavite than a real one, even in museums. Whether it’s real or fake however is no matter, as either one is still just glass, and has the properties of glass. There is nothing special about it. You might think that since it has “extra-terrestrial” origin gives it some kind of power, but it does not.

Andara Crystals:
Authentic Monatomic so called “Andara Crystals” are in fact nothing more than slag glass from glass factories. They basically come from a garbage dump that has been abandoned. In fact if you look up slag glass you will see that it looks exactly the same. This is a complete scam, so do not buy “Andara Crystals” there is nothing special about them.

Do Crystals have souls or names?
Crystals do not possess inherent consciousness, nor do they have names, nor can they communicate with you through their own will. Any kind of energy/intention/purpose that they may have, is because someone imbued that into them.