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The Ego and its purpose

For a long time New Age as well as some Eastern philosophies have waged war on the ego. If ever a person does or says something that is less than favourable, that reaction is almost always associated with the ego. However, is the ego really the enemy that it’s made out to be? Ask yourselves, why would we have such a significant aspect of who we are, if it was not meant to be there?  

The aim of these philosophies that address the ego is not about eliminating the ego, that was never the intention. They are simply alluding to the fact that we must not over-identify with the ego and labels that surround it. They are also there to tell us that everything except the soul is transient, and that we do not truly own anything; therefore we must not become overly attached to possessions. These are good lessons, but you do not need to get rid of the ego in order to incorporate them.
So what purpose does the ego serve? How does it help us?

The ego allows us to find answers to ourselves and to work through the emotional and spiritual. The Ego serves as a balance between the outer and inner world and how we handle stresses and emotions from within and out. It helps make sense of the paranormal and the normal.

The ego also helps us spiritually by allowing us to remain firm in place while our spirit can experience paranormal events without losing our humanity. This humanity inside us, helps us make decisions and helps us to grow. For example our ego is the part of us that knows that we should not steal, we work for things. We do not murder to get something, we use diplomacy.

If you suppress the ego you suppress parts of yourself. Never forsake parts of yourself so you can let other parts grow. The Ego is the Self. Self which you cultivate, and in turn balances you. The Self is also the source of gifts, it is an important part of who you are.

You should never deny good aspects of who you are. The Self, The Spiritual, The Human etc. They are all part of what makes you, you.  

Many New Age Books as well as “gurus” nowadays have taken the term Spiritual Ego and twisted it to become something negative, and then dedicate many chapters on how to get rid of it. Why do they do this? The answer is really quite simple… when people get rid of their ego, they become easier to manipulate, they will not question the “guru” or “master” and instead just have blind dedication and subjugation. Which is why so many of them love to use this tactic. Do not fall for it, embrace your ego, temper it, guide it but never get rid of it. Instead incorporate it as part of your balanced whole.