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Is 5G harmful?

Is 5G harmful? Let’s take a look from a both a physical and the spiritual side.

There is a multitude of articles spreading propaganda that 5G is harmful, especially among the spiritual community. So in this article I am going to tell you exactly whether or not you need to be worried from both a physical and a spiritual aspect.

Let’s start with the physical:

Firstly, the thing you need to realise is that there are EMFs everywhere, even the sun emits EMFS, in fact sunlight is a much MUCH stronger EMF than 5G. 5G is a part of the non-ionising radio frequencies of EMFs which are not harfmul, whereas sunlight is a full spectrum EMF which does have ionising properties and therefore can cause damage.

The other thing to know is that 5G being a radio frequency, it behaves as a wave, and the nature of waves is that that the higher the frequency of the waves, the less penetrative potential they have. So lower frequency waves are more likely to penetrate our skin than higher frequency waves. 5G is actually a higher frequency wave than 3G and 4G combined, which actually means that 5G is safer than both 3G and 4G combined. 5G frequency waves are not able to penetrate our skin, and as such cannot reach our organs, brain etc. So from a physical point of view, 5G is harmless.

What about from a spiritual side?:

We are actually quite powerful beings spiritually, and we have a strong aura/energy field that protects us from many things. In fact our aura protects us a multitude of EMFs including 5G. Those who are able to work with energy can learn to harness and work with even human-made forms of energy such as wi-fi, 5G etc.

It is a very common misconception that somehow the natural world and enegies cannot co-exist with man-made ones. We are after all, children of Gaia and what we create, are part of her creations as well. Many believe that you have to go to natural places such as mountains in order to connect with the energies, but the reality of it is, energy thrives wherever there is life, and so even in cities where there is a high concentration of people, there can also be a high concentration of energy. Of course different places do have different kinds of energies, and some places do have “better” energies than others, natural places are often easier to work with, but that does not mean that one cannot learn to work with other energies as well.

There are people who claim that EMFs somehow inhibit our connection to our gifts/energy etc. These people simply never had any gifts or connection to energies in the first place and are just using this as an excuse or preoccupation that serves as nothing more than self-sabotage. If EMFs did indeed affect us negatively, then with the Sun absolutely bombarding our entire planet with all sorts of EMFs would have had very negative consequences on us all, but thankfully there’s no such thing.

So why is this anti-5G propaganda being spread in the spiritual community?

It’s pretty simple really, those who originated these false ideas have something to gain from spreading it. For example, some may spread it so that you can go to them to get cleansed/healed of these EMFs when they know full well that there is nothing wrong with you, and you would just be giving them money for them literally do nothing because you are already healthy.

Others which I have seen spread articles about the harmful effects of 5G and then tell you how you can purchase one of their necklaces/bracelets made of Orgone to protect you from it. In fact I have seen so many websites selling Orgone products claiming that they protect against EMFs. The simple truth is that Orgone products have no such protective qualities. Orgone pyramids can be indeed useful powerful tools, but for anyone who has actually read about them from the person who created them would know that Orgone pyramids serve only one single purpose… which I will write an article about in the future. They certainly do not protect you from any EMFS, and you do not need protection from 5G.

Take away message:

So the take away message here is stop worrying about 5G, it will cause no harm and there is nothing to worry about. If humans ever get to a stage where they are at risk of causing great harm to the planet, Gaia herself will step in to prevent that, as she has done in the past (I will also write an article about this in the future). If you see any psychic/healer etc claiming that 5G is harmful, then that is an immediate indication for you that they are fakes.