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The benefits and harm of psychedelics, should you use them?

Marijuana, magic mushrooms, LSD and other psychedelics tend to be of prevalence among a number of people in the New Age spirituality community, and I have been asked quite a number of times about this topic, so in this article I am going to cover the benefits and detriments of using these substances.


The main thing that people need to realise is that Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms, and other psychedelic substances are meant to be used as medicine, and medicine only. For certain people who have illnesses, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature, these substances can be used to treat them, and can be very effective at doing so in some cases. People need to respect that these potent plants and mushrooms are medicine, and like any other medicine, when used in excess, or when you are not ill, they can instead cause harm. Some people have a misconception that everything natural is harmless, which is very far from the truth.

Shortcut to higher realms and gifts:

One of the of the main questions I am asked is whether we can use these substances to facilitate access to the higher/inner realms. This simply does not work, at all, ever. People express seeing, hearing and feeling all sorts of things under the effect of these substances, but for the vast majority of people, these are not spiritual experiences, they are simply hallucinations.

 Ram Dass who was spiritual teacher, psychologist and author, was initially a big proponent of using psychedelics, in fact he promoted psychedelic drugs as the path to inner enlightenment. However, as he explored further, he travelled to India, where he met highly developed spiritual individuals and went through a spiritual rebirth. After which he completely changed his stance on psychedelics. He began to express how psychedelics actually inhibit spiritual growth, and that it is through truth, love and meditation that one truly advances spiritually. He then referred to psychedelics as being a “trap”.

“love slowly transforms you into what the psychedelics only let you glimpse.”

Ram Dass

For anyone who has read ‘DMT: The spirit molecule’, where 60 participants were injected with DMT, they all had extraordinary experiences, and they felt like in that moment their lives had changed. However, at the end of the book they conduct a 4 year follow up for the participants, and what they found was that none of the participant’s lives had changed in any meaningful, significant way thanks to the experience of participating in the DMT study.

This is the point I always try to emphasise, that psychedelics of all kinds do not lead to any permanent growth or advancement in any way. They simply give you a short term high. The aim of spiritual growth and meditation is to change your being in a more permanent way, so that you are in a constant higher state of awareness and consciousness that you can apply to all that you do in your every day life, rather than a temporary short time high that provides no benefit to your life whatsoever. This takes time, and there are certainly no shortcuts, but the result is by far worth it.

What about Ayahuasca?:

I am sure some would be wondering about Ayahuasca and be thinking that if psychedelics were not beneficial, then native Shamans from South America would not be doing them. The response to this goes back to my initial point of medicinal substances. Like other medicines, Ayahuasca is also a medicine, and should only be done for people who need some form of healing in their lives, and this was the intended purpose of Ayahuasca by the Native American shamans in the first place. Ayahuasca unfortunately has become so abused and so many people do it for the wrong reasons, that it either has no actual long term benefit (just like the participants in the DMT study) or it might even be harmful. I have come across a couple of individuals who have done Ayahuasca multiple times, and have seen the damage caused to their energy fields. In fact, due to its popularity and the money involved, most of the people who conduct these Ayahuasca gatherings nowadays are no longer shamans, but just people pretending to be shamans so that they can get your money, meanwhile actual shamans are losing their livelihoods.

The harmful effect of using psychedelics:

As mentioned earlier, the use of these medicinal plants/herbs/mushrooms for non-medicinal purposes can lead to harm. Some of these effects are more obvious which I will not get into, but for someone like me who can perceive energy, I can immediately tell when a person uses these substances for “recreational” purposes.

One of the first tell-tale signs is that their energy/auric field becomes “scattered”, it loses its coherence, its balance and its harmony. The immediate effect of this, is that the person loses their “presence” and also become scattered; and as this effect worsens, they lose their sense of purpose and direction, they start to feel lost, and not knowing what to do with their life anymore. Some people may think this is is a good thing, and while I do believe that searching for more is a good thing, for those whose energy becomes scattered, they will not be able to find what they are looking for, because what they have lost is themselves.

The more dangerous effect of this is that our auric field actually protects us from malevolent entities who seek to influence or control us, and when a person’s auric field becomes scattered, they lose their first line of defense against these malevolent entities and become more prone to their harm and influence.

The last significant harmful effect that I will mention here is that the use of psychedelic substances for recreational use actually harms the pathways that connect to our third eye (the source of spiritual and psychic gifts), as such it prevents or reverses the awakening of your gifts, and in worse cases, this effect can become permanent.

So all in all, the take away message is that we must respect these herbs, plants and mushrooms for the medicine that they are, and only be used for medicinal purposes, and nothing more. Otherwise, they will only lead to harm and prevent the very same thing that you might be trying to achieve.