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Emile is a holistic consultant encompassing the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual. Combining esoteric practices with psychology and counselling, as well as deep knowledge of health and nutrition to provide a practical approach that can be incorporated into your daily life.

My work is a culmination of many life and spiritual experiences as well as extensive training. I work deeply with various spirits including ancestors, guides, nature spirits, angels, intergalactic beings and our Earth Mother, whom guide and teach me their ways.

My goal is to empower you, to remove any obstacles holding you back and help you reach your absolute fullest potential, whatever that may be. If you have the will, then I will arm you with the way.


Light Language and Source Energy

I work intuitively with the Light, channeling sigils and symbols for various effects. Light Language resonates deeply with the receiver, activating your personal vibrational signature. It is an alchemical, transmutational encoding of information.

I also channel Source energy, for healing, empowerment and activations, during which I work as a conduit, a channel of pure sacred energy. It is a powerful healing modality, penetrating directly to the source of the problem to heal and transmute. It also has the ability to activate and awaken your latent potential and gifts.

Psychic abilities

I have always been very sensitive to the energies around me. I have worked to master a range of abilities including empathy, empathic vision, precognition, deep level of intuition, medical intuition, and am able to sense and communicate with spirits, ancestors, higher selves, spirit animals and various other beings.

Additionally, I am what is known as an Energy Architect, which allows me mastery over the energies around me, to be able to manipulate and control the energy for various effects, such as healing, cleansing, protection, and infusing energy.

Academic pursuits

In harmony with the spiritual, I have received a range of training and education in Science, Psychology, Diet & Nutrition, as well as a Family/Systemic Constellations Facilitator, all of which is kept up to date with the latest research, allowing relevant wisdom to be brought into client sessions to benefit, enrich and bless.

My mission

I am very passionate and motivated about the work that I do. However, when I first started out my business, I felt pressured by the New Age community and industry to behave in a particular manner, say pseudo-spiritual things, dress in a certain way, and subscribe to new age dogma that I did not really believe in.

I thought that in order to be successful in this industry, that is what I had to do, because that is what everyone else is doing, and if I did not do that, if I did not go along with the status-quo, then I would fail at my business.

I have been told more than once that I cannot be successful in business because I am too honest and that in order to get and retain clients/customers, I have to lie to them. That is something that I simply cannot do. I am incapable of putting aside my integrity and my authenticity in order to appease an industry that makes a vast amount of money by lying to you.


People who are in need of help and healing puts them in a vulnerable position and unfortunately some individuals take advantage of that. The spiritual community and the industry based upon it has become saturated with scammers, liars and individuals who continue to take advantage of marketing schemes which were created in order to sell you products that do not do what they claim to do.


Unfortunately almost everyone in the spiritual community has fallen victim to this at one point or another, and in fact many people who also own a new age type business and participate in perpetuating these scams, don’t even know that they are doing it, because these lies have become so ingrained as the New Age paradigm that everyone subscribes to, and people are not even aware that they are spreading deceit, as they too are a victim.

Since being able to communicate with spirits and beings beyond the physical realm, as well as connecting to spiritual libraries, I have been learning the truth about the world and how Spirituality actually works. This information is something that everyone who devotes themselves and practices can eventually also access. In the meantime, I am going to make it easy for you and simply share what I know. Some of this information I share on my blogs, so go have a look!

My philosophy is to be absolutely authentic and truthful, while helping others realise the truth. I will never sell you something or provide you with a service that I myself do not completely believe in its value and benefits. I will also never claim to know about something or be able to do something that I am not confident in. My mission is to shine clarity and reveal the truth of spirituality and all that it encompasses.

My Journey

My ancestors were Dacian Romani nomads who travelled around the Black Sea, never staying in a place for too long to allow nature to heal and regrow. Thanks to their heritage, I have always been deeply connected to the spiritual world. Since childhood, my ancestors have been guiding and teaching me about their traditions, rituals and practices, as well as energy work which has facilitated my craft and helped awaken my intuitive and psychic gifts. Over time with a lot of hard work and practice, I developed them further to what they are today.

The work of my ancestors which they have taught me is a form of Shamanism called Ecomancy, which comes from deeply connecting with the Earth and our Earth Mother, whose energies I channel and work with.

It was during my teenage years that I spontaneously began writing in Light Language, pages and pages which I still have today. This Light Language is my soul’s unique energy signature. Eventually when I got into energy healing practices is when I noticed I was channeling Source Energy, which due to its intensity used to make me shake and get really hot to the point that I start to sweat. Thankfully since then I have learned to control and channel it better so it no longer affects me that way.

Over time I also learned to apply my skills to our surroundings, not just people, learning the importance of energy flow and Feng Shui, as well as how to deal with malevolent entities.

I always strive to continue learning and improving my skills, and there is so much more left on my journey.

If you would like to learn more, please take a look at my blog or feel free to contact me with any questions 🙂