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The Ego and its purpose

For a long time New Age as well as some Eastern philosophies have waged war on the ego. If ever a person does or says something that is less than favourable, that reaction is almost always associated with the ego. However, is the ego really the enemy that it’s made out to be? Ask yourselves, […]

The Truth About Crystals & Gemstones

Anyone who has been around the spiritual new age community will inevitably come across crystals and gemstones. In this post we are going to cover what you need to know about crystals, what they really do, the many things they don’t do, cover some examples of how they are used in powerful ways, and crystals […]

Blessing for you

May you be true. May you be you. May you realise that sometimes people do not have the ability to let go of their own judgement of who they are- and that is perfectly okay. May you be free of expectation and consequently meet every moment with joy. May it be that you chance upon […]

Fearless Authenticity

Living as your most authentic self is the highest goal you can obtain in life, and it is one of the pillars of what it means to be truly spiritual.  For most people, reaching a stage of living authentically can take a long time and involves dealing with past trauma, life circumstances, getting past low […]

Skin care mistakes that make you look older

  Not washing you face before bed Leaving dirt, sweat, dust, bacteria and make-up on when you go to bed will irritate your skin and lead to enlarged pores, acne and red spots. Be sure to clean with appropriate products, do not use harsh commercial soaps. Keep no-rinse face wipes next to your bed for […]

Say no to insect spray

Many people tend to reach for insect spray upon sighting a bug in their house, be it a cockroach, a spider, ants or other critters. But here is the catch, if it is harmful to insects, it is also harmful to humans and our pets.   A study conducted by the institute of Development Research […]

Apple cider vinegar: A cure for all

The ancient Greek physician Hypocrates, who is known as the father of modern medicine, considered Apple cider vinegar with honey to be a cure for all. There are so many amazing uses for it and I strongly recommend having some daily for overall health. A note to make is that there is a filtered apple […]