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Medical Intuitive Body Scan and Healing session


During the Body Scan session, all you need to do is get lay down, get comfortable and relax. I will hover my hand over your body and energetically scan your being including your physical body, your chakras, your mental state, as well as emotional state. There will be no physical touching during the body scan whatsoever. This scan gives me quite detailed information including but not limited to:

-Areas of inflammation/pain/stress.

-Where in your body you carry your emotions/anxiety/stress.

-What foods your body does well with and which foods to avoid, or which foods you can have in limited quantity.

-Detecting any energy blockages.

-Determine where you carry trauma.

-Discovering ancestral trauma.

-Health of your chakras and which ones need some work, and each chakra provides information about areas of your life which need work.

-Your emotional well-being and any blockages in your heart.

-Your mental well-being and any blockages in your mind.

-Information on genetic predispositions/susceptibility to certain diseases and how to avoid them.


I will write up a report for you to keep which will give you a complete outline of what is currently good and working for you, as well as areas that need addressing and how to address them. You may wish to book another Body Scan session down the track to see how you have progressed and what areas you still need to work on.

After completing the body scan, we will use the rest of the time addressing whatever issues arise and work on healing them.


Exchange: 250$