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Energy clearing, intrusion removal and protection


Whenever a house has been lived in, and you have guests coming in and out, the inhabitant’s energy will accumulate whether it is positive or negative energy. That energy impacts the people who live there as well as the people who come in. It is important to do regular energy clearings to remove the old stagnant and potentially negative energies, to allow new, fresh and positive energy to come in, especially if you have recently moved into a new house.

Often malevolent spirits may wonder into a house and choose to stay there, also affecting the residents. So it is important to clear them as well, and to put up protection around the house to prevent them from coming in any more.

With this package, I will come to your house, do an energy clearing, remove any malevolent spirits that may be there, and put up wards and sigils around the house to completely protect the house. The sigils only allow benevolent energy and benevolent spirits to come into the house, so if you are sensitive to energy you will immediately notice a difference to how the house and the energy feels.

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