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Energy Healing & Sacred Activation

Energy Healing

We all have a physical body which we are familiar with, but we also have our spiritual body which is a complex system comprised of chakras, meridian energy lines and more. The body has energy centres throughout the body, the primary are the main chakras, but there are also secondary energy centres throughout your body, such as at your eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet etc. Our spiritual body can affect our mental, emotional and physical states and vice versa. Blockages and slow energy flow in the spiritual body can for example be a result of issues we are experiencing in our physical daily life, which in turn can worsen symptoms.

That is where energy healing comes in, to remove blockages, restore proper energy flow, cleanse negative energy, purify any intrusions, as well as align and attune the chakras so that the whole energy system is functioning optimally.


Source Channelling and Healing

Source is the primordial energy from which all originates from. All that exists, and all that has ever come into creation has Source energy, it flows through and within everyone and everything. It is the pure divine sacred energy of the multiverse.

When I do energy healing, if Source wills it, I will connect to Source, becoming a conduit and channel Source energy directly into the person, which has powerful healing and activation effects on the individual. However due to its intensity, this will only happen when the person is ready for it, as such you may require other forms of healing before you can receive Source energy.


During an energy healing session, all you need to do is lay down and get comfortable, you are free to use a blanket as well. After some breathing and grounding which I will guide you through, I will begin the energy healing. For the most part it will just involve hovering my hands over you, very rarely will I need to place my hand on you, and that only happens when I being guided to, which will be done in a completely respectful manner and I will ask first. In my experiencing, usually placing of hands is typically on the head/face, shoulders, or back, and in rarer occasions, hands, knees and feet.


Optional Extra: ‘Sacred Activation’ 

By connecting to your energy system, and guiding Earth and Source energy through it, I can help activate your sacred geometry, optimise your vibrational frequency and awaken your latent potential. Clearing negative belief systems that hold you back, and propelling you forward towards desired goals. Increase your power and energy, opening your third eye and facilitate the activation and awakening of your gifts. I will also clear out old energies which no longer serves you and bring in new, vibrational light codes for every part of your being.

Exchange: 150$ for 30 mins 250$ for 1 hr, sacred activation extra 50$.