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Family Constellations and Ancestral Trauma cleansing


When trauma isn’t dealt with during one’s lifetime, it is often passed down the lineage… and usually the most empathic and most spiritually strong individual in the family will inherit that trauma so that it can be released. This trauma can express itself in all sorts of ways. For example an individual with chronic pain in their foot with no medical explanation can be due to their grandfather who had gangrene in their foot but never got treatment for it because he was in the war.

Using a combination of Family Constellation, my own technique of Synchronic Healing as well as Energy work, we can remove ancestral trauma and ancestral karma that is impacting on your life. The combination of both together works very efficiently and effectively at relieving this trauma. It taps into your situation and the unresolved cross-generational family patterns, survival mechanisms and trauma which you are carrying and negatively affecting your life, then we can reveal solutions and assist you in moving forward with more clarity and a healthier connection, and therefore relieving the trauma and the symptoms it was causing.

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