Phone Session

Need a quick boost? Need someone to talk to for whatever reason and in need of some counselling? Need advice on where to go and what to do next, while I tap in intuitively to guide you? Need a quick Synchronic Healing session? Have spiritual related questions? Are feeling under the weather and need support? [...]

Energy and Source Healing

Energy Healing We all have a physical body which we are familiar with, but we also have our spiritual body which is a complex system comprised of chakras, meridian energy lines and more. The body has energy centres throughout the body, the primary are the main chakras, but there are also secondary energy centres throughout [...]

Medical Intuitive Body Scan and Healing session

During the Body Scan session, all you need to do is get lay down, get comfortable and relax. I will hover my hand over your body and energetically scan your being including your physical body, your chakras, your mental state, as well as emotional state. There will be no physical touching during the body scan [...]

Family Constellations and Ancestral Trauma cleansing

When trauma isn’t dealt with during one’s lifetime, it is often passed down the lineage… and usually the most empathic and most spiritually strong individual in the family will inherit that trauma so that it can be released. This trauma can express itself in all sorts of ways. For example an individual with chronic pain […]

Synchronic Healing

Having multiple healing modalities along with the ability to empower others’ energy and gifts, I created this new healing approach which combines my various modalities into one. This powerful technique involves a guided journey into your own self where you will encounter a projection of the various aspects of your being and with my help, […]

Feng Shui and Home Attunement

Most of us spend the majority of our time at our homes, and so it is important that our homes are a sanctuary where we can feel safe and recover. Which is why it is of vital importance that we improve and maximise the energy flow of your home so that it works for you, […]

House Energy clearing, intrusion removal and protection

Whenever a house has been lived in, and you have guests coming in and out, the inhabitant’s energy will accumulate whether it is positive or negative energy. That energy impacts the people who live there as well as the people who come in. It is important to do regular energy clearings to remove the old […]