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Synchronic Healing

Having multiple healing modalities along with the ability to empower others’ energy and gifts, I created this new healing approach which I have named Synchronic Healing that combines my various modalities into one. This powerful technique involves a guided journey into your own self where you will encounter a projection of the various aspects of your being and with my help, we can manipulate the projection; which in turn creates the outcome that we desire. Since different people work with different senses, we will work with the one that best suits you.

During this journey, I will connect with you empathically to facilitate the process, intuitively guiding you where you need to go and what you need to do, while at the same time I will also do energy healing to further the process. When needed, we will also call on your spirit guides or spirit animals, and various other beings including Mother Gaia to help with the healing. I will pass on any intuitive messages or light sigils I may receive as well.

This technique can be used for:

-strengthening well-being

-Improve confidence

-relieve personal trauma

-Relieve ancestral/karmic trauma that has been inherited from your predecessors or family

-Reduce pain and alleviate pain that has no direct physical cause

-Reduce negative thought patterns, stress, anxiety and fatigue

-Help manage symptoms and support recovery.

-Remove energy blockages

-Improve energy flow

-Heal chakras

-Help activate innate potential.

Holistic intuitive counselling:

Combining physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, addressing the individual as a whole to resolve any issues or trauma and overcoming blockages and obstacles. I will also connect on an intuitive level to pass on any messages that may come through from the higher self or other beings to enhance the healing process.

My holistic counselling sessions are also good to support and maintain well-being, whenever you need someone to talk to and optimize your continued health.


Reading and Spiritual Guidance:

By connecting to the divine, spirits, higher selves, spirit animals and ancestors, I can channel messages to guide you in your life and help you achieve whatever goals you are seeking.

Energy work and Source channelling: 

During your healing session, you may receive energy healing, cleansing, purification, chakra alignment and attunement, improving energy flow through your body, removing energetic blockages. When appropriate, I may also connect and channel Source energy which has powerful healing and potentiating effects.


Sacred Activations: 

I can also activate your sacred geometry, optimise your vibrational frequency and awaken your latent potential. Clearing negative belief systems that hold you back, and propelling you forward towards desired goals. Increase your power and energy, opening your third eye and facilitate the activation and awakening of your gifts. Cnew, higher vibrational light codes for every part of your being.


Removing ancestral trauma and Family Constellations: 

Using my own technique of Synchronic Healing, we can remove ancestral trauma and ancestral karma that is impacting on your life. Typically this process is done through a what is known as a Family Constellation, however my technique is faster and more direct. It taps into your situation and the unresolved cross-generational family patterns, survival mechanisms and trauma which you are carrying and negatively affecting your life, then we can reveals solutions and assist you in moving forward with more clarity and a healthier connection.


Spiritual Intrusion Removal:

You may also benefit from clearing unwanted, malevolent and troublesome entities and energies from the body, organs and energy field to restore the auric field and balance.


Feng Shui Home energy attunement and clearing:
Improving energy flow around the house to improve health and well-being, as well as help achieve desired outcomes. Also removal of any negative, harmful or malevolent energies and entities/spirits from the house.