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Synchronic Healing


Having multiple healing modalities along with the ability to empower others’ energy and gifts, I created this new healing approach which combines my various modalities into one. This powerful technique involves a guided journey into your own self where you will encounter a projection of the various aspects of your being and with my help, we can manipulate the projection; which in turn creates the outcome that we desire. Since different people work with different senses, we will work with the one that best suits you.

During this journey, I will connect with you empathically to facilitate the process, during which I will get a vision of your soul, and intuitively guide you where you need to go and what you need to do, while at the same time I will also do energy healing to further the process. When needed, we will also call on your spirit guides or spirit animals, and various other beings including Mother Gaia to help with the healing. I will pass on any intuitive messages or light sigils I may receive as well.

This technique can be used for:

-strengthening well-being

-Improve confidence

-relieve personal trauma

-Relieve ancestral/karmic trauma that has been inherited from your predecessors or family

-Reduce pain and alleviate pain that has no direct physical cause

-Reduce negative thought patterns, stress, anxiety and fatigue

-Help manage symptoms and support recovery.

-Remove energy blockages

-Improve energy flow

-Heal chakras

-Help activate innate potential.

-Help alleviate addictions such as smoking/drinking etc.

Exchange: 250$